Best Cartridges for Deer Hunting that You

There are a lot of people who would like to know what type of cartridges they would need when they are hunting. Some will already have a specific cartridge in mind. When you are new to the world of deer hunting, now is the best time for you to learn more.

Main Rules of Deer Hunting

Some feel that deer hunting is the one that they need so that they have to do so that they can become legitimate hunters. You might think that this is the best type of animal to hunt too. You need to be familiar with the following rules:

  1.  It would depend on the area where you are but in some places, you need to have a Florida hunting license. You also need to have a permit before you start hunting.
  2.  There is also a limit with the number of deer that you can hunt. If you go over the limit, you may lose your license. The main reason why there is a limit is to manage the number of deer properly.
  3.  Take note that the rules will be different for antlerless deer. This means that you are not allowed to take a fawn all year round. It should be allowed first. Getting caught will have some repercussions.

Take note that there are some deer parts that will not be allowed to be shipped from one place to another. Learn more about these rules to avoid potential problems.

Ammo Review

Now that you are familiar with some of the rules when you are hunting, you should now become familiar with the different ammo that you can use. The more that you check out the different types, the more that you will develop some preferences.

  •  6.5 Creedmoor – When hunters started to learn more about Creedmoor, they wanted to try it out. This has started to become more popular the more that people started to like it. The long-range capabilities may be one of the reasons why people like it. The accuracy is great as well.
  •  270 Winchester – This is a long-time favorite and there are good reasons why. This was released back in 1925 and people still love using this over all the other ammo. The manageable recoil makes this perfect for beginners. Aside from that, this is always available which is probably why some people would readily choose this over all the others.
  •  30-06- Some people may think that just because this has already been around for a long time, people will not like it anymore. This was released back in 1906 and people still choose this over all the others. The knockdown power of this ammo may be stronger than the others which can be useful for hunting deer. The only problem with this is the recoil may be a bit extreme.
  •  300 Remington Ultra Magnum – The main reason why people like this is they know that it can make easy kills. There is no need to track the deer and run around in circles. You will be able to kill the deer easily with the use of this.
  •  204 Ruger – Some may not like this for deer hunting but it is known to be very accurate. It can also be perfect for those who cannot handle recoils.


Take note that people will always have some preferences with which one they want to use. You are recommended to ask your family members and friends for their choices. The more details that you know, the easier it will be for you to choose.