Best Hunting Dog Breeds to Have

Dogs have a long history of serving a lot of people in different ways. One of the most notable things is that they can hunt. They have been used as hunting companions for a long time. Even up to now, whenever people would need help in picking up the scents of those that are being hunted.

When properly trained, dogs are going to be more resilient. They are also going to be more resilient when it comes to hunting. They have a better sense of smell and they have better hearing too. What you can do is to make sure that they will make use of their talents properly.

Main Rules of Hunting With Dogs

Doing some first-time hunting with dogs can be a bit complicated. There are some rules that you need to get used to. Do not worry because the more that you become familiar with the rules, the easier it will be to have a hunting trip with your dog.

One tip to remember: get to know what type of hunting dog you are going to hunt with. The four types are the following:

  •  Pointing Dogs
  •  Retrievers
  •  Flushers
  •  Hounds

This is going to be discussed further later. Right now, it will be vital to know the different rules that you have to follow when you are hunting with dogs.

  1.  Remember that you can only hunt with your dogs when you are doing muzzle up. This is going to be important. Just imagine if your muzzle is down. If you accidentally put your finger on the trigger, this may be enough to hurt yourself or your dog.
  2.  Make sure that you will not do any low shots. You have a higher chance of hurting your dog that way. If the animal that you are trying to hunt stays too low or you know that it can be dangerous for your dog, let it go. It is not worth it.
  3.  It may not be the best time to compete at this point. There are some people who will be so competitive in getting the other animals. They would let their dog try to get to the birds. There is always a chance that someone is going to hurt their dog when they are also competing to get some birds. It will not be worth it.

There are also some rules that you have to remember about etiquette. Some of these rules include the following:

  1. You will have no right to dictate how other trainers will train or allow their dogs to hunt.
  2.  It will not be wise to give commands to another person’s dog. It can only make the dog confused. Plus, there is always a huge chance that the owner will not appreciate it.
  3.  Criticizing someone else’s dog is always going to be a no-no. You may feel like your hunt is not going to be a success because of the dog of someone else but it is something that you have to deal with.

Best Dog Breeds for Hunting

Now that you are familiar with how you are going to hunt for dogs, it is about time that you learn more about the different dog breeds for hunting.

  1. American Foxhound – This has been bred in order to hunt. They are known to be extremely loyal. They are also very capable of doing a lot of things for you. Whether you would like to do the hunting, tracking, or so much more, you know that you can count on them.
  2.  American Put Bull Terrier – There are some people who are scared of the Pit Bull. As long as it is properly trained and cared for, then there is nothing to worry about. They can be very sweet to families with small children. Plus, they will be good companions whenever you have to hunt.
  3.  Bloodhound – There can be something about the name of this dog that will let you know that it can be a great dog detective. They are able to track the scent of the animals that you are trying to hunt. You know that if there is a need to look for missing persons, using the Bloodhound is going to be very ideal.

There are still other dog breeds that should be a part of this list. The Beagle is one of the best dog choices for this purpose. The Brittany Dog that used to be the dog used by settlers can be ideal to have as well.


Finding the best dog breeds will be vital to enjoying the hunting that you are going to do. Give yourself time to train your dog before you go on your first hunting trip. The more prepared you and your dog are, the better the experience is going to be. The more that you go on hunting trips, the more familiar you would be with all of the important things. Are you ready to start training and hunting?