Some Secrets of Duck Hunting that You Should Know

Do you consider yourself to be a weekend hunter of ducks? If you answer yes, then you may consider yourself a beginner or a novice when it comes to duck hunting. You have always wanted to know some tips on how you can do hunting. When you go hunting, you would like to kill more ducks. How are you going to do that? You are in luck because now, you have a chance to know.

Main Rules of Duck Hunting

Duck hunting will not be too successful when you are not prepared. The rules that you have to remember are the following:

  1.  Make sure that you will be able to conceal yourself properly. If you think that you should not wear your camo gear, think again. Wear all of your camo gear. At the same time, make sure that your boat is also properly camouflaged. This will make a huge difference when you are doing duck hunting.
  2.  If you are doing some late-season hunting, you may want to create some open holes in frozen lakes and marshes. This will make everything look more natural to the birds.
  3.  You should always stay late. There may be a lot of waterfowl that will migrate behind cold fronts. Do not leave early as you may start to miss the ducks that you are trying to hunt.
  4.  Know the proper setup so that you can catch ducks early. Some people would do the setup wherein the decoys will be placed in front of them. This may not always help especially if you are going to be in the wrong place. Placing the decoy at a crossing angle may be more ideal for you.
  5.  Doing clean calls will always be important. You know that you can rely on your duck call but if it is dirty, the call would be a bit weird. You cannot expect that ducks will run straight to you with your unclean call.

Some More Tips to Remember

Duck hunting can be a bit complicated especially when you are not familiar with some tips to help the hunt become easier. The things that you can do are the following:

  •  You should always stay calm when you are trying to approach the ducks. Being clumsy will not help as you would miss the ducks that you are trying to shoot at.
  •  Patience is always the key to success. You need to be patient because getting a good, clean shot may take some time.
  •  Knowing the wind direction is always going to be helpful for you. It can be a bit harder to find the right breeze in the morning. You can plan when hunting is going to be easier for you.


Make sure that you will record everything that happens to you whenever you go duck hunting. This way, you will be able to pick up more tips to help you. Now is not the time to rely on your memory especially if your memory isn’t too sharp, to begin with. By writing everything down, you are going to see some very useful patterns that will help you in your next duck hunt.