Some Mistakes Rookies Make While Coyote Hunting

When you see some coyote hunters on television, you may think that coyote hunting is going to be easy. You may think that you can easily duplicate their success. There are different things that you have to think about when you start coyote hunting. More than all of the rifles and the other hunting tools that you purchase, you need to know the mistakes that people make when they are hunting coyotes for the first time.

Some Details You Should Know About Coyote Hunting

Coyote hunting is one of the things that people like to do when they need to spend time outdoors. This is usually something that people like to do when hunting season is “off.” When doing coyote hunting, you must do the following:

  •  Become more familiar with the area.
  •  Get to know the terrain better.
  •  Learn more about the other animals that are within the area.

A lot of people say that aside from being able to hunt for coyotes, they are also able to hunt for other wild animals within the area. This can be effective if you are planning to spend time in the area and you need food.

Mistake #1: Hunting in a Place Where There’s No Coyotes

It might seem surprising but this has happened a lot of times to people. If you have not done enough research about the place, you might expect that there are going to be coyotes there even if there won’t be any coyotes available. Some people have even set up their tents already.

Hunting in an area where there are no coyotes will already be a big waste of time. Your energy will be directed towards supposedly finding coyotes but your disappointment will also be high when you realize that there aren’t any available.

To avoid this mistake, you can do the following:

  •  Look for track and kill sites
  •  Pay attention to coyote vocalizations
  •  Take a look at the area for some possible footprints.

Mistake #2: Using Bad Equipment

You may think that it is not important but using the right equipment will matter a lot. You need to pay attention to the different items that you are using. The better your equipment, the more that you will be able to track and kill the coyote. Remember that your main goal is to trap and kill them easily.

Remember that setting up your equipment properly will also make the hunt more successful. The more familiar you are with everything, the better that everything will be. The positioning is always going to be critical.

Mistake #3: Making the Wrong Call

Remember that coyotes are not going to run to you when you make a call. You need to make the right call. If they start to hear the other common sounds that are created by coyote hunters, they will not go to you. The best thing to do is to come up with a call that will be ideal that is new.

If worse comes to worst, the best thing to do is to have an electronic caller. This will help generate the call that you need to find the right coyotes.


Remember that hunting for coyotes might seem easy until you try it out. One thing that you should remember is this: it does not mean that just because you are using long-range rifles, you will be able to catch coyotes easily. There are still other types of tools that you need to make sure that this will be a success.