Tips on How You Can Hunt with Dogs

There are a lot of people right now who would like to enjoy the outdoors with their dogs but they do not know where to begin. There are a lot of dogs that have always hunted and bringing them with you when you go hunting can be a fun experience for them too. There are some hunting breeds that are specifically trained to go hunting. You can know ahead of time if your dogs are made for hunting before you begin.

Main Rules of Hunting with Dogs

You may be excited to start hunting with the help of your loving companion but you need to ensure that your dog is trained for hunting. You cannot just bring your dog with you and expect that it will do everything that it needs to do.

Some of the rules that you have to remember are the following:

  •  You may need to let your dog get used to gunshots. Otherwise, your dog may start panicking at the slightest sound.
  •  Make sure that you have the right hunting gear to ensure that your dog will be protected and that hunting will also be easier for you.
  •  Reward your dog as you see fit. This will be a vital part of training your dog.

Best Hunting Dog Breeds

There are some dog breeds that are specifically made for hunting. Just remember that no matter what type of dog breed you are going to hunt with, you should have a close band with your dog. The closer you are with the dog, the better that your hunting trip is going to be.

Some of the best dog breeds for hunting are the following:

  •  Labrador Retriever
  •  Golden Retriever
  •  Beagle
  •  American Foxhound
  •  English Spring Spaniel

There are still other dog breeds that can be great for hunting. As long as you would train your dog well, most dogs will be fit for the hunting expeditions that you are going to take.

Tips for Hunting With Dogs

You have learned more details about the different dog breeds. You have also learned some of the usual rules when you are hunting with dogs. These are some more tips that you can remember so that hunting with your dog will be a success.

  1.  Make sure that your dog knows how to retrieve game. You can simulate the same scenario by having some decoys available.
  2.  You can test the hunting skills of your dog prior to actually hunting for game. Once again, do not forget to give your dog rewards whenever the dog makes a great find.
  3.  Having all of the right tools and supplies available will be vital. Not only will you have the ability to hunt properly, you will also have the ability to keep your dog safe and comfortable.

Some of the supplies that you need to bring are the following:

  •  First Aid Kit – If anyone gets hurt, you have to make sure that you will be able to provide first aid to lessen the chances of the wound or infection getting worse.
  •  Water – This is going to be important not only for you but also for the dog.
  •  Treats – You should show your dog that you are happy whenever the dog does anything that can help you with your hunting trip.


One thing that you should not forget is to always adorn your dog with the right safety vest. An orange safety vest will allow people to know that your dog is in the area. This will lessen the chances that your dog is going to get hurt while hunting with you.