Why Use Night Vision for Hunting Coyotes at Night

A lot of people are unable to hunt at night because they do not have the right tools and equipment. If you would be given a chance to hunt at night for coyotes, would you take it? The thrill that you are going to feel as you try your best to feel around the area will be amazing. You are going to hunt predators in the dark. It will definitely give you more power because you are the predator of the predator.

Why You Should Hunt at Night

A lot of hunters say that if you would like to familiarize yourself with the place where coyotes are, scout it during the day. At night, this is when the fun begins. This is the time when you will begin hunting and looking for the coyotes that will serve as your trophies. During day, you can look for some transition areas.

The main reason why you need to hunt for coyotes at night is they are nocturnal. This means that they are more active at night. You will be able to call out to them effectively at night as compared to if you would do the same call during the day. You will also be able to hear them at night more. You can find them and hunt them easily.

These are some tips to make coyote hunting more fun at night:

  •  Choose the right weapon and make sure that you have all of the tools to improve the accuracy and use of the weapon.
  •  Do not forget about the wind. Look for areas that will still hide you from coyotes even when the wind blows hard. The moonlight may be enough for them to see you.
  •  Remember that judging distance at night can be trickier but the more that you do it, the more that you will get the hang of it.

What Equipment Should You Use for a Night Hunt?

Human beings do not have the ability to see clearly in the dark. In fact, there are moments when it would take time before your eyes will completely adjust to the darkness. The best thing that you can do is to have the right equipment. The right tools will make night hunting fun and exciting.

  •  You will always need a good rifle. Whether you are going to hunt during the day or you are going to hunt at night, a good rifle is the key to hunting coyotes effectively.
  •  A hunting scan light can be very effective in helping you find coyotes without being too visible. Your night vision sight will surely improve with the use of this item.
  •  If you are good at imitating the call of the coyote, then you can make do with a manual call. If not, an electric call will be nice to have.
  •  A decoy will also be very important. You do not want to be visible to coyotes. Can you imagine if you would come across a pack of them all at the same time and without any tools? You can become the one who will be hunted by them.
  •  Having a night vision scope will allow you to scout the area easily at night. It will help you plan where you are going to stay while waiting for the coyote that you are going to hunt.


Night coyote hunting can be a different experience for you. Just make sure that you will do it in areas wherein hunting for coyotes is legal. The more that you know that you are not doing anything bad, the more that you can have fun and just enjoy the hunt.